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Kecun New Street, Mount Jiuhua Scenic Area,qingyangxian,Chizhou,Anhui

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Planning a trip to South Korea? TRAVUT is the digital travel platform for you.

2023/11/30 1:18:44

SEOUL, South Korea, Nov. 30, 2023 /PRNewswire/ -- TRAVUT, a digital travel platform that eliminates language, transportation, and booking inconveniences for international travelers to Korea, has opened its digital service 2.0 based on its smart TSI (Travel Service Inventory).

Since 2022, TRAVUT has been delivering travel services to foreigners visiting Korea. Leveraging the feedback gathered over the past year, they have now developed the innovative TSI 2.0. This platform revolutionizes travel, transforming it from a product into a service. It offers a unique feature where travelers can freely customize only the services they require, creating a more personalized and efficient travel experience.

Choi Bo-Kyung, the CEO of TRAVUT, highlighted the dynamic nature of Korea's digital services and the increasing difficulties encountered by foreign visitors. In response to these complexities, TRAVUT harnessed digital technology to create a unified platform that resolves the hurdles associated with traveling in Korea. Their intelligent TSI system is designed to offer tailor-made experiences for international tourists, simplifying their journey and enabling a broader exploration of Korea. The company's mission is to leverage digital progress to enrich the entire travel experience for tourists.

TRAVUT's smart TSI is an intelligent integrated service system, offering on-demand services including guides, interpretation, vehicle and chauffeur, reservations, and customized travel itineraries. It has been utilized by numerous individuals, including guests from luxury hotels, and has demonstrated a high level of satisfaction, with strong indications of potential repeat usage and recommendations.

Starting in late November 2023, TRAVUT's travel platform initially launched its services via its website, with plans to extend into mobile apps and APIs by January 2024. The smart TSI platform not only operates through its own digital channels but also supports a wider range of foreign tourists in Korea through API-based business expansions with various partners, such as accommodation providers and local travel agencies.

In 2023, TRAVUT was selected for Google's start-up growth support program and was also recognized in the TOP 100 Asian startups, establishing a foundation for its expansion into the global market. In 2024, TRAVUT plans to revolutionize the domestic inbound travel market based on its smart TSI platform, ensuring the scalability of its business model and platform.

For those planning a trip to Korea and seeking to experience a unique, personalized travel service, visit www.travut.com or reach out to support@travut.com and make your journey in Korea memorable.


Han Yue Lou Resort Spa Jiuhuashan

Kecun New Street, Mount Jiuhua Scenic Area,qingyangxian,Chizhou,Anhui